Professional Slideshow of Miami City Project

Professional Slideshow of Miami City Project

Hey guys I need help with a project due tonight, there isn’t a concrete solution to this particular project. Make t your own, follow the guidelines. Im not looking for 100%, do your best, anything that is 75% or better is all im looking for. Anywhere where it asks for your “name”, leave blank and ill go back and fill that in with my information. Thanks for your help!

Final Project – PowerPoint

You will choose a major Domestic city to research and visit – virtually. You will use the PowerPoint 2016 skills reviewed in this course to complete this project. Here is an outline of what you will accomplish:

You will put together a professional slideshow of your trip. Gather photos of the places you plan to visit and document the activities you plan to do.

Name the presentation: LastName Travel Plan (use your own last name).pptx

Tip: has a great collection of images. Also, check out Microsoft Photosynth in Bing Map Apps on They have three-dimensional photo galleries of places all over the world.

When you are creating your slideshow, think about what is interesting to your fellow students. Here are some ideas on what to include although you can be creative and come up with your own categories for each slide:

  • Where did you stay? (Lodging)
  • Where did you eat? What is the most popular food?
  • What famous places/landmarks did you visit?
  • What did you learn about the people and the culture?
  • What was the weather like on your trip?
  • How does that city compare to where you live?
  • What was the best part of the trip?

Remember to follow 7×7 rule and presentation guidelines!

Project Specifications:

  • You should include a title slide with your name, the destination city, and at least one graphic.
  • You should have five content slides with at least one graphic on each of these slides.
  • Your last slide should contain your sources in proper MLA format (list of where you found your information).
  • One slide must include a link to a video clip about your destination.
  • One slide includes a linked image to a website about your destination.
  • One slide demonstrates the use of animation.
  • One slide demonstrates the effective use of a SmartArt graphic.
  • A footer appears with your last name and slide number throughout the slide show except for the title slide.
  • Slideshow has transitioning applied in an effective matter.
  • Use Backstage (File tab) to enter your name as Author and assign 2 tags to your file.