PSY0913 NOVA Moral Mandate The Psychology Of Moral Conviction

In order to get the maximum points, each student MUST answer all of the following questions substantively and provide an example that demonstrates an understanding of the material.

Substantially answering each question means using AT LEAST six (6) detailed sentences.

Students must also reference their work in APA format that includes AT LEAST one (1) in-text citation per answer and a “References” section under all of the answers that contains at least two (2) references, one of which has to be other than the course books.

1. Describe a moral mandate and provide an example.

2. List and describe the three problems with current terrorism research. Be specific.

3. Explain why, if torture does not work, it is still considered a viable intelligence-gathering option. Provide examples.

4. Name and describe the two types of pedophilia and provide a detailed example of each.