PSY211 CSU Personal Development In Adolescence Journal Entry Help

Discuss the following aspects of your personal development in adolescence:

A) Cognitive development (think back on these years in the context of frontal lobe development and cognitive development [Piaget/Information Processing Model]). In other words, what were you cognitively capable of/challenged by, in the context of what research and theory suggest to be true of adolescence?

B) Impact and timing of puberty (early/normal/late development and reaction)

C) How did you experience school? (pivotal/difficult/enjoyable experiences)

D) Was adolescence easy/difficult? Were you a risk-taker or conformer? How did you feel about your appearance?

E) Describe your moral and religious development during this period. How did you deal with increasing outside pressure to take a stand regarding what you believe?

F) What adults influenced your development? Did you learn any important lessons about your identity during adolescence?