Public Health Issue On Youth Violence

As a public health issue, youth violence affects the entire world. Everything from bullying to physical fights to murderous assaults on the body and sexuality are included in this broad category. Being male, hyperactive, and having a low IQ are factors that cannot be changed, but factors that can be changed include exposure to violent television, antisocial attitudes, substance abuse, and poverty and gang membership. Adolescents are protected and educated by health professionals who teach and model strong social and emotional skills, promote positive peer relationships, as well as encourage them to look for meaning in their lives. In order to make sure their development is on track, adolescents should be examined annually. In this case, clinicians should focus on the adolescent and allow them to speak privately with a healthcare provider. Pupil hood, body image, diet, and drug use are just some of the common health concerns that adolescents have in common mental health, and sexual health (Ballesteros et al., 2018). To assist the adolescent at this time, support their interests, promote open communication, and respect their space.


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