Question 12 out of 2 points Deontological ethics uses human

Question 12 out of 2 points Deontological ethics uses human reason to derive ______________. Answers:A.facts, laws, or guesses B.principals, rules, or duties C.ideas, products, or styles D.thoughts, time, or space · Question 22 out of 2 points Because they are based on human reason, deontological ethics are ____________. Answers:A.finicky and limited B.changing and subjective C.relative and temporary D.universal and eternal · Question 30 out of 2 points Which of the following is NOT one of the five types of deontological ethics? Answers:A.Natural law theory B.Divine command theory C.Ethics of care D.Classical liberalism · Question 40 out of 2 points Deductive logic starts with a ________ and concludes with a _________. Answers:A.theory, confirmation B.hope, prayer C.hypothesis, observation D.observation, theory · Question 52 out of 2 points Inductive logic is based on _______ so it is not 100% certain. SeAnswers:A.lies B.absolute truth C.time D.probability · Question 62 out of 2 points For deontology, what is essential is the link between _____________. Answers:A.right action, moral rule, & rationality B.right virtue, caring, and pleasure C.time, god, and the universe, women, and animals · Question 72 out of 2 points The theory that there are no absolute standards and that all truth is relative to a person or culture, is known as ________. Answers:A.foolishness B.truth C.relativism D.universalism