Question and answer 5

Chapter 5 covered the basic range of offenses against “a person.” These are crimes of physical contact, offensive contact, threats, etc. For this chapter’s assignment, there are three slightly modified questions from the text. These were originally numbered 3, 4, and 5 in the text on page 99. They are modified here for clarity and renumbered for simplicity.

Question 1: When a fight breaks out in the course of a professional hockey game, one player uses a hockey stick to bludgeon an opposing player. By consenting to participate in a contact sport, has the victim consented to this form and extent of touching, or has a battery occurred?

Question 2: Has a rape occurred UNDER COMMON LAW when an employee has sexual intercourse with the boss who said: “Have sex with me or I will fire you.”

Question 3: Have you committed any offense if you threaten your criminal justice instructor, “Give me an A in the course or I’ll tell everyone that you are a bad instructor.” Are you depriving your instructor of any property?

Assignment: Please answer these questions in one or two paragraphs each. No citations or references are needed IF you use only the materials from the text. Use of any materials outside the text or class discussions will require citations and references. Your submission, otherwise in APA format, should be a minimum of three pages of text plus a cover page.