reading reflection – friction | Nursing School Essays

Respond to the following prompts after reading 4 articles about friction;
1. What was most interesting to you about the articles that you read?
2. How would you share the information in these articles with your students? For example, would you share the highlights, design an activity, or have your students read one or more of the articles?
at least 2 pages required.
Please add more details and arguments
1- M. Schirber, “Focus: Dragging nanoparticles reveals extra-low friction,” Physics 6, 130 (2013).
2- D. Mackenzie, “Focus: Friction of molecules,” Physics 3, 9 (1999).
3- M. Sincell, “Focus: Surface grime explains friction,” Physics 7, 6 (2001).
4- J.R. Minkel, “Focus: Reducing friction without oil,” Physics 13, 14 (2004).