Reasons And Uses Of Why Humanities Matter? English Essay Help

Reasons And Uses Of Why Humanities Matter? English Essay Help

Many of my students balk when they learn they need to take a Humanities course to complete their core requirements. You, even, may have been (or still are?) a bit skeptical about having to take this particular class to complete your degree.

And yet, this type of study has persisted in higher education since the Greek and Roman times. The majority of colleges and universities—not just HCC—require students to take one (or more!) humanities-based courses before they can complete a degree.

According to Chapter 1 of Jewell’s Experiencing the HumanitiesLinks to an external site., “the humanities make us more human–in the very best sense of that word ‘human.’ We can, by studying what other men and women have believed, created, and understood, also become better human beings. We can learn more about ourselves and our friends and everyone who works around us. We can realize our own potentials, and the potentials of others, much more thoroughly.”

But… should we all study humanities? Should all college and university degree plans require students to take a humanities course? Why would this type of course be required for a student to complete a degree in, say, business or nursing? What does “knowing more about ourselves” have to do with one’s career? Consider your own professional goals and the information we have covered in this class this semester and craft a well-supported, brief argument to support your position on this topic.


  • This essay will need to be at least two (and no more than four) paragraphs in length.
  • This essay will need to be organized, though brief, with an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • You will need to create both an argument and an arguable thesis statement regarding this issue. In other words, you need to take a clear position on the topic.
  • While I understand this is a timed assignment, I will still be looking for correct grammar usage, proofreading and revision, clarity, organization, and proper development.

Keep in Mind:

  • This essay exam requires that you narrow your focus in regard to the topic presented.
  • You cannot utilize information from outside sources here.
  • Avoid using first person and second person in this essay. The essay is not about your individual experience but should speak to the larger audience affected by the topic.