Red and Expert Tensions in People Republic of China Paper

There are three separate essays.( 1000 words each)

1. What were the tensions between “Red” and “Expert” in the People’s Republic of China, and how did the tensions manifest themselves? Be specific.

2.Was Mao or Deng the PRC’s most successful leader? Support your answer with specifics, and define what success means in this instance. Your essay should consider both leaders, and their failures as well as achievements.

3. What role did violence play in modern China (let’s say mid-19th Century through the 20th)? Again, be specific when making your case and consider at least three conflicts (only two can be wars). Make sure to analyze these events and not simply describe them.

Use of evidence, thesis, and general thoughtfulness.


Only use source from ‘Chinese Civilization A sourcebook Edited by Patricia Buckley Ebrey’ and ‘Cambridge illustrated History China’