Reflection Paper on Education

Module 7 – Reflection – Education

Reflections are to be based on the topic we are covering for the week. You should be specific about what prompted your reflection. For example, was it something you read in the text, heard on a TED talk or found from your own research or assignments? Reflection posts are to be a minimum of THREE fully developed paragraphs and must include a reference.You need to answer this question as well ( how you related to the material. Is it new information? Does relate to anything in your experience? Does it raise questions for you? You should demonstrate that you reviewed and thought about what the information means)

You need to respond to at least TWO colleagues. Your response to colleagues needs to be at least one paragraph and should add to the discussion, not just “I agree with you”. You must elaborate on why you are agree or how the post prompted your thinking about the topic. ( I will post that when you finish the reflection. Because I’m not able to check my colleagues responses until I submit mine )

Please note your initial post is due by midnight Thursday. Your response to colleagues is due by Sunday and the discussion will close at midnight Sunday. You will not be able to post once the week is closed.


You must only use the source I gave which is: Kornblum and Julian. Social Problems. 15th Edition.

Don’t write a summary, it’s a reflection paper.

Avoid plagiarism, make it simple.

use Apa format, the first three paragraphs should be at least 300 words.