Registered Psychiatric Nurse Professional Role Discussion

Part A

After reviewing the CNO webcast and practice guideline entitled “RN and RPN practice: The client, the nurse and the environment,” reflect and discuss 3 professional role differences you think are central to the RN role in contrast to the RPN role.

Part B

Upon receiving your RN designation, you accept a leadership position on an acute surgical floor at the hospital in which you have worked as a RPN on a long term care unit for several years. According to Benner, what stage of clinical competence do you identify with when assigned this new position and what factors will you consider as you begin your new role?

Incorporate and cite the course readings/ resources to support your thoughts and perspectives.

Reflect (R)

Consider the following questions:

  • What brought you to the decision to do your BScN?
  • Were there any key people or events that influenced this decision?
  • What is the biggest challenge as you transition into this new role?
  • What strengths have you developed that will assist you transition into this new role?