religion quiz

  1. Islam believes: a) That God is one, b) That we must put God first, c) That a good Muslim provides for charity, d) all of the above
  2. Augustine explained the human condition as a fall into ____________
  3. For Abelard the death of Jesus saves us: a) by inspiring love in us, b) by paying the devil, c) by dying in our place, d) all of the above
  4. How does Anselm’s view of the death of Jesus differ from Abelard’s?
  5. True or False: most scholars agree that the historical Jesus was a faith healer
  6. The Christian Doctrine of the Trinity claims that: a) There are three gods, b) the one God is made known to us in three primary ways, c) one is the holiest number, d) Jesus is one of the Angels
  7. Which of the following is not one of the three major branches of Christianity: a) Catholicism, b) Orthodoxy, c) Protestantism, d)Reconstructivism
  8. True or False: Muhammad is worshiped by Muslims
  9. The Arabic word for God is: a) Yahweh, b) Ganesha, c) Allah, d) Jehovah
  10. The Holy book of Islam is called : a) The Quran, b) The Torah, c) The Gita, d) none of the above
  11. Which of these is part of ancient Judaism: a) temple, b)priests, c) king, d) all of the above
  12. What does Buddhism teach about the nature of change and permanence?
  13. What is the Hindu concept of God?
  14. What is a major difference between Eastern and Western Christianity
  15. Why does Confucian put so much value on the five constant relationships