Renaissance Opinion

. 1. A Renaissance person is an individual who has interests and skills in a wide range of activities. Leonardo Da Vinci is often described by historians as the best example of a true “Renaissance man.” He may have been the most multi-talented person to have lived. Should we also be “Renaissance”people? Does American education today produce Renaissance people?

Please present several arguments in favor of a Renaissance education and several arguments in favor of a specialized education. Do you feel that your education has been too specialized or not specialized enough? Please provide specific examples.

2. 2. During the Renaissance, Niccolo Machiavelli wrote one of the most influential books ever on political power. His book “The Prince” was mainly concerned with how to get and keep political power. A major theme in the book is that “the end justifies the means.” Please read document #1 and answer the following question:

How can modern political leaders, American presidents in particular, benefit from this book? Please explain.

3. 3. Please view some examples of Renaissance portraits in Learning module #15 file, books, albums, Internet images, etc.

Which Renaissance artist would you most like to capture your likeness in a portrait? Why?

Which criteria do you use to select your artist? What is appealing for you in your chosen artist’s style?