reply to DQ 1 week 3

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hi, from 50 to 100 words pls answer the following to responses (each)



I would definately agree that as a nurse I enjoy thinking critically and being engaged in research within my own field. I enjoy being involved in evidence-based changes and what is being implemented on my floor. This motivated me to be more involved on the floor, join committees, and continue my education. However, I agree that when I am the one who is writing a research paper I dislike it, never know what to write, or how to write it. With that being said, yes I have experienced this block of communication. Personally, I feel that this is caused by stress due to the desire to write a paper perfectly, using the perfect words, and not knowing how to turn the thoughts into words. I often struggle with this concept especially throughout this program given the ammount of papers are required. When this happens to me, I realize that it is time for me to take a break, take some breaths, and get back to it later. This is a great time to go to the gym, get some cleaning done, help the kids with their homework, etc because if not the feeling is suffocating.


I myself do not like to write at all. That was my worst fear about going to school was how was I going to write papers. I do like to read research if it is something I am interested in. When you haven’t been to school in years things change and it is hard to remember what you are supposed to do. I many times stare at a blank screen as sometimes I know what I want to say I just cannot get it on paper. Also, when going through different classes different teachers want different things so although your paper may have been correct in the last class your current teacher may want it done differently. I think some of my hesitation is I try my hardest on my papers as it is time taken away from things that I want to do like spending time with my children and I feel guilty for that. I second, third, and fourth guess myself if I am doing it correctly especially citing things which is very difficult for me. I like to listen to music as I am trying to write papers as it helps me relax. Also, I try to remember I am doing this for my children so I can have a job to care for them. My children are my world so if I tell myself it must be done for them, I can get motivated and get past the hurdles of writer’s block.