Research in the Workplace Proposal

Research in the Workplace

Imagine that you have been asked by your future boss to prepare a presentation for your colleagues at work. The topic and purpose of this presentation is entirely up to you, but it must include a data set and analysis to frame the data within your workplace environment. Data can be numerical in nature (quantitative), or it can be content driven (qualitative).

Topic Examples:

Use polling data to summarize how the public feels about a specific subject that might affect your future job, from criminal justice to nursing to sales.

Compile financial data to suggest a trend in purchasing that might allow your future company to host a sale or appeal to a specific demographic.

Summarize psychology studies that help your colleagues understand clients, students, patients, or criminals more clearly and explain how this information can improve the execution of everyone’s jobs.

Learn about a moment in history and propose lessons learned that could improve company morale, team tactics, or a marketing message.

Collect data on technology in order to propose a way to save time at work by adopting automation or a company-wide communications app like Slack.

Read about time management theories and summarize how your future co-workers could improve their productivity at work.

Learn about investigation styles and apply them to a criminal justice team.

The possibilities are endless. Feel free to use the above examples as inspiration or choose something from your major, career goals, or real life. Just remember to use specific qualitative or quantitative data plus analysis in your final product. Ultimately, your presentation will include a topic, your data, your analysis, and how it applies to your workplace.

Milestone One: “Topic Proposal”

Spend some time searching for ideas that will form the core of your project. Once you find a good topic, write a proposal of 250-400 words. In this proposal, explain your future job, the organization, and your presentation audience. Then describe your topic and what type of data you might include in your presentation.