research paper on pedophelia

Writing Assignment:

The paper will examine a specific issue of concern in the course discussion, and be supported by

what the science says about the topic at hand. This is not a “reaction paper”, i.e., “this is what I

think about the topic at hand”. The purpose of the paper is to force the student to examine the

issue from the perspective of what the science says about the issue, including citations to

published research. The writing assignment is due the last week of classes (not exam week), and

will be graded on how much it cites the relevant research, defends the case presented and is a

cohesive presentation of the ideas. It is imperative that the paper be written carefully and edited

prior to being turned in. Students who struggle with writing should begin this assignment early

and seek out assistance from Monmouth Tutoring and Writing Services at the Center for Student

Success. If papers are turned in with major errors, it will affect the student’s classroom grade as

well as result in a referral to the Center for Student Success