Research presentation

Research presentation

Presentation Instructions – DSL 200

Dr. Watson



Presentations dates and due dates to Canvas are listed in the syllabus. All presentations and the corresponding speaking outline are due the same day to Canvas. The late work policy applies to presentations and speaking outlines not turned in on time. Students will be sign up on Canvas in order to choose their day/time for their presentation. HOWEVER, the times are approximate so students should be prepared to present at any time that day! Students not prepared to present on the day they are called will present the next class period at a 5% deduction (as per the late work policy).

The student will review 2 scientific papers on the topic they have chosen. The paper must be peer-reviewed. If the student is unsure if their paper is peer-reviewed, they should check with the instructor. The student must explain how the scientific method was used in the paper they have chosen, including an explanation of the hypothesis, experiment, results, and conclusion of the study. Students may need to research above and beyond the paper they have chosen to provide a sufficient introduction to the topic.

  • Your sources should explain experiments, or otherwise offer detailed explanations of scientific evidence.
  • Unacceptable sources for this assignment include personal websites, blogs, and wikis.
  • Avoid articles that do not describe a scientific study.
    • For example, articles that describe a scientific career, describe the mission of a scientific organization, articles about new technology, breaking news about an event (such as a natural disaster or awarding of scientific prizes) related to science or technology, or articles that detail a list of scientific discoveries do not meet the requirements for the paper.


The presentation will be graded using the Dialogues of Learning Oral Communication Rubric which can be found under materials in Canvas.

  • The presentation must stay within the 5-7 minute time frame or points will be deducted. Practice is highly recommended.
  • An outline of the presentation is required along with the presentation itself as a word document.
  • Creativity and use of technology and other medium is encouraged so long as the outline and other requirements are followed.
  • Citation must be listed at the end of the presentation in APA format.
  • Images must accompany most of the slides.


Grading Rubric is HERE

Please also see my tips for a great presentation, found HERE