research project about technology

Project 4: Research Report ( technology)


Throughout the course of the semester, you have been learning how to work with sources, develop research questions, collect sources, and document sources. In this project, you will use all of these skills in order to compose an academic research essay. The purpose of the essay is to answer the research question(s) that you have developed over the course of the semester.

Assignment Instructions

1. Write the introduction of the essay. In the introduction, you should identify your topic and research question and explain why the question is relevant to your intended audience. You should then concisely articulate an answer to your question based on your research (this will be your thesis). This should be 1 page.

2. Write the body of the essay. In the body, you should cite at least 5-6 sources that helped you to arrive at your answer. You should identify the authors and titles of the sources, summarize the sources and explain their relevance to your thesis. Most importantly, you should attempt to put the sources in conversation with one another. Where are the points of agreement between the sources? Where are the points of disagreement? Why is one source more or less persuasive than another? This should be 3-4 pages long.

3. Write the conclusion. In the conclusion, you should restate the answer to your question. You should also articulate 2-3 questions for further research. That is, if you were to continue to research this project, in what directions would you go? This should be no more than 1 page long.