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Parent-Teacher relationships are extremely important for a child’s school career. Not only does this help a child’s academic side of school but the behavioral side as well. I think something that some parents do not realize is that communication needs to go both ways. Yes, a teacher should be communicating with the parents how the student is doing emotionally, socially, and academically but the parents need to be communicating as well. If something is going on with the child or family that could affect the child in school then the parents should be communicating this to the parents. We had a kiddo earlier this year that began acting strangely. He was starting to talk about going to the hospital and being put to sleep and was just really jumpy and scared. We finally talked to the parents and found out that, in two days, the child was going into surgery to have the doctors reconstruct his ear canal because he had an infection that had eaten away the bone and was causing him to become deaf! In two days, and we had no clue!!! Obviously, this would have an affect on the child and it would have been helpful to know this information way before we finally found out!