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I believe that technical skill is needed for creating a good abstract expressionist painting. As per our text Jackson Pollock had studied my different types of art to prefect his abstract style of painting. He studied Mexican art and Navajo sand paintings as well as the theories of the unconscious by psychologist Carl Jung’s. (Patrick, 2014, 2011, 2009)The reason why painters like Jackson Pollock created these types of paintings is that he wanted to express primal human nature. (Patrick, 2014, 2011, 2009)The reason why American Abstract Expressionism was a viable movement was that in the time of war it took the viewer to a different place instead of emphasizing the horrible things happening around them. The paintings have a personality. I love the abstract paintings. I actually completed a five-panel abstract painting for my sister, that was in the same style of the Autumn Rhythm by Jackson Pollock. I used acrylic paint and dispersed it with the picnic catsup bottles, wedge brushes and my hands. The photo attached is not the greatest but you can see at least half of it.