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Christianity developed from Jewish faith but eventually was shaped into a new religion with different laws and practices due to the work of apostles or from change in structure of the religion. One of the instances that was important to the development of Christianity was through the work of the apostle Paul, who taught the story of Jesus to gentiles in the Roman empire, spreading his word and gaining converts. This was also important to what Christian faith was beginning to shape into because Paul was not sticking completely to original Jewish faith and practices in order to make it more palatable to the Roman pagans. This eventually leads to another important event in Christian history, which was the first meeting of the Apostolic Council, where it was proclaimed that gentiles converting to Christianity did not need to convert to Judaism first. This meant that Christian faith was now breaking away from Jewish law and practice, and was taking its own form as a separate religious faith. Crucial to the development of future Christian structure was Ignatius’ work to centralize the authority of Christianity under one person or organization that held power. Roman influence began to show with this structure mirroring Roman government—the congregation was like a city and the bishop was like the administrator. To further the change in Christian faith and its integration to Roman society, philosophy was applied to the religion to define Christian theology. Practice of the religion and worship of Jesus and God became less important, but this allowed for Christianity to penetrate the different classes of Roman society. These aspects shaped Christianity to take on a political role, but had also caused it to stray from the original faith of Jesus and his teachings in order to become more acceptable among Roman culture and society.