Response to Janina Rojas DQ2

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Phenomenology provides an approach that allows researchers to better understand a person’s lived experiences” (Green, S. & Johnson, J. 2018). Phenomenology is used to investigate an experience and the meaning of that experience, which means the collection of subjective information including attitudes, personal perspectives and preferences. An example would be personal experiences of pain in a cancer patient or first time lactating mother’s experience. Each of their shared experience is personal and individual even though they each went through the same experience.

“Ground theory investigates actions and effects of the behavior in the culture” (Rutberg, S. & Bouikidis, C. 2018). Rutberg & Bouikidis explain this could involve using comparisons of a behavior or habit between two different cultures or using historical pictures to examine changes through the centuries on a cultural habit or practice. According to Green & Johnson this ground theory uses descriptive qualitative study, case study, and/or narrative analyses. This type of investigative theory is used for very focused and narrowed populations. An example is the burial rituals of a certain demographic, such as during the Ebola outbreak in Africa I read in the CDC Field Epidemiology Manual.

Ethnographic Research “reveals the way culture is defined, the behavior associated with culture, and how the culture is understood” (Rutberg, S. & Bouikidis, C. 2018). This research is used to find the shared belief and meaning of the culture among a group. Researchers have to immerse in the culture to directly observe and gain first hand observations. An example would be reading multiple recollections of a shared experience such as holocaust survivors. Social media is also a perfect example of ethnographic research. When a post is made, the collective response to that post is research to the shared behavior of that culture.


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