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PICOT stands for P is the problem or population, I is for the intervention, C is for comparison, O is for outcome of interest and T is for time to do the study. Medical practice problems are focused on the diagnosis of a disease or illness. Nursing practice focus on plan and the intervention and treatment of patient. PICOT can be used in developing for Evidence-based practice. To make the PICOT questions for EBP need to know why the study is being done. PICOT helps to summarize research and answer questions. The important part of research is developing questions to give you answer in your research. The main implication of this study is that the researchers should pay attention to proper framing of the research question – they should consider using a structured approach such as the PICOT format to frame it as this is likely to determine how the study is designed, conducted and ultimately reported(Rios, 2010 pg.7). This article research explores the use of PICOT with they had better questions for better quality better and reporting of key methodologies.


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