Response to Nicole Adorno DQ2

Response to Nicole Adorno DQ2

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A nursing problem I have experienced is being short staffed. Nurses are than expected to take care of additional patients, provide the same care with less staff. If an emergency arises they don’t have the same support from the regularly staffed nurses on the floor. Working short staff is one of the top reasons nurses leave hospitals or facilities in which they work. Some states issued provisions for nurses who work in intensive care to only have two patients each due to the care the patients require. If there is a shortage of nurses on the floor the patients are safety and health can be jeopardized. It also increases the risk of injury on the nurse trying to work without help. A study in Health Affairs wrote that nurses who work short staff can hinder the nurses ability to carry out care and that when staffed adequately hospitals had 25% lower incidence of being penalized for having readmissions by the Affordable Healthcare Act.(McHugh, 2013)

I believe the problem of working short staff should continue to be studied and offer incentives for not calling out or have additional per diem staff available. Nurses won’t get burned out and patient care can be maintained at a safe and healthy level.

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