Response to Nicole Adorno DQ2

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The Sampling Theory is the field of statistics that’s involved with the collection, analysis and interpretation of data gathered from random samples of a population under study. The theory compares relationships between a population by collecting samples. An example of samping theory would be collecting patients who are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus from the EMR. The nurse can analyse the lab values from the glucose tolerance test, blood sugar readings, and how effective the diabetic education was on their compliance. Another example may be patients who have asthma. The researcher can evaluate the care plans against interventions to see how well the goals were met. They can also have some patients treated with different interventions to sample the effectiveness of medications, interventions, and alternate approaches. Nursing research can use the sampling theory when creating care plans, and evaluating patients to edit the care plan with attainable short and long term goals. The sampling theory can help estimate an unknown population parameter using statistical measures from samples collected. It is equally important to test the hypotheses to decide if the researcher will accept or reject the hypothesis. It will show if any differences were significant.

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