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Plagiarism is using someone elses work and passing it off as your own. Not giving the perosn credit for their work. It most often happens within a school situation and professional situations. Sometimes co-workers may be having a discussion on ways to help improve the office and one person overhears and take sit to the manager or CEO, or whoever is their supervisor, and and tell them that they had an idea for some changes. They may be compensated for tehir ideas, which were not in fact their own. Most often it happens when writing research papers. The writier is doing lots of research and sometimes misses something they forgot to give credit to the original writer for. I would like to believe the majority of plagiarism is accidental, especially when it comes to school. Oftentimes the student does not always know the rules behind citing and giving credit to the original source. Most cases treat all plagiarism the same, whether it was intentional or not. In some cases, it could be left to the instructor to detemrine if it was intentional and how serious the consequence should be. Instead of giving someone a 0 for their paper, they may take off points for not properly citing their sources, resulting in plagiarism.


Plagiarism is defines as stealing other ideas or from other resources, without giving credit to that source and present it as their own idea (Turnition, 2017). All of these consequences are in place to prevent the act pf plagiarism because it is wrong professionally and academically. If student steels other ideas or without using their own ideas that means they are not learning the information what they supposed to be learning. If they get cought cheating by their teachers and friends, they may lose the trust from them and it is so embarrassing. After caughting them cheating, then teachers may be more strict and throughly checking their assignment. Sometimes teachers may even expel you from school. Plagiarism can also lead to legal implications such as fines and you may have to go to court (Kokemuller, N, 2017). I do believe that sometimes it is hard to cite the source and in hurry they use the same word which was used by someone already. If student has done hard work on previous assignment and never caught with plagiarism, then if it occured once that means it happened accidently then instructor will believe on you from previous work and just make you to re do the assignment. Sometimes it would be very hard to prove it is accidental or purposely. But if it happens accidently then teacher needs to ask to the student and believe on them. Hopefully they would have to do judge from previous assignment and realize the student is hard worker and did not do it purposely.


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