Riverbend City Problems Depicted in The Media and Before the Riot Paper


No two offenders or offenses are completely alike. However, there are common ways in which offenders are classified and grouped. This is done, in part, for the sake of convenience and effective management. The various classifications share not only the characteristics used for organization, but they also tend to share the same types of problems confronting corrections.

Inmates often pose different challenges for corrections. Inmate types include the situational, career criminal, sex, substance abuse, mentally ill, cognitively disabled, physically ill, elderly, or long-term offender. These challenges are further complicated by shifts in line-drawing pertaining to prisoner rights. In recent years, the U.S. Supreme Court has been less supportive of prisoner rights.

View the Riverbend City: Prison media piece. Focus on these tabs: Riot, Before the Riot, and Making Changes. In your initial discussion post:

  • Describe two possible causes of the problems depicted in the media.
  • Explain possible measures that could be taken by an individual working in a corrections facility with multiple groupings to avoid and/or mitigate the problems.
  • Specify two potential impacts of corrections officers’ failure to understand the needs of different prisoner groupings based on the problems depicted in the media.
  • Predict the direction of prisoner rights, through court interpretation of the Constitution, in the next decade.