Roles and career opportunities for nurses.

4. A nurse assesses a patient’s fluid status and decides that the patient needs to drink more fluids. The nurse then encourages the patient to drink more fluids. Which concept is the nurse demonstrating? a. Licensure b. Autonomy c. Certification d. Accountability ANS: B Autonomy is an essential element of professional nursing that involves the initiation of independent nursing interventions without medical orders. To obtain licensure in the United States, the RN candidate must pass the NCLEX-RN®. Beyond the NCLEX-RN®, the nurse may choose to work toward certification in a specific area of nursing practice. Accountability means that you are responsible, professionally and legally, for the type and quality of nursing care provided.DIF:Apply (application)REF:3 OBJ: Discuss the roles and career opportunities for nurses. TOP: Implementation MSC:Management of Care