RWS280 Process of Writing a Book Response and Reflection Essay

full 5 pages essay and the 6th is the work cites page and use the 3 articles and in each body paragraph follow the compiling idea chart concept and it should be essay format that goes from one idea to another smoothly not just answering in list format.

attractive title

  • Intro:
    • strong hook, background context on your experience with writing, introduce authors & texts, road map of your essay, thesis
  1. Body (within each body paragraph):
    1. provide an account of an author’s central argument and their position in terms of how they view writing and/or the writing process
    2. describe some of the claims the author uses, provide interpretation and analysis of how these claims work, and explain the impact of these decisions in relation to the author’s purpose
    3. draw connections between the claims or evidence used to your own experience with writing
    4. evaluate how effectively or ineffectively the author’s claims/evidence/or rhetorical strategies work based on your past or future writing goals
  2. Conclusion:
    1. offer a conclusion that is not merely repetitive, but instead offers insight into the significance of your writing process; how you will use writing moving forward; what potential writing you may do in your career, etc.
  3. MLA 8 Works Cited
  4. ® Comprehension
    o Effectively addresses all aspects of the prompt o Fully grasps both articles and showcases knowledge cogently ® Development
    o Details/analyzes chosen texts thoroughly and thoughtfully o Writer thoroughly address elements of the argument, including author, context, audience, purpose, claims, and evidence. o Analysis of rhetorical strategies is thorough ® Organization
    o Essay flows logically from introduction → body → conclusion o Sentence level organization is strong ® Expression/Mechanics/Grammar