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A 78, year old man is a retired banker whose wife died several years ago. He is able to perform all ADLs but needs help with meal preparation and transportation. He lives in a deteriorating neighborhood and no longer feels safe. He does not want to live with family members or completely give up his independence. What housing options would be appropriate for him? Why? What advantages would such housing options offer over living alone?


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Due to his ability to perform ADLs and not wanting to give up his independence, he has a few housing options to choose from. Some housing options available to him are independent living communities or continuing care retirement communities. Housing choices can range from apartment-style living to single-family homes. These communities can help him maintain his independence, provide a safe environment, and allow him to socialize with others. Many advantages come with independent living facilities, such as maintenance-free living, proper nutrition, increased social interactions with others around his age, transportation, exercise classes, pools, parks, education classes, and many other amenities. I would educate him on the benefits of these communities to help him understand that he will not have to give up his independence while still living in a safe environment. Independent living facilities offer a wide variety of care options based on health needs. As he ages, his health may begin to deteriorate, and he may require assistance with his medical or daily activity needs. Independent living offers the flexibility to create your options while still maintaining control of your everyday life. All in all, an independent living facility will provide a safe and secure environment, help maintain independence, and improve his overall quality of life