SC121 Spinal Cord Injury Case Study Discussion

Spinal Cord Case Study


Apply critical thinking skills to a clinical case study

Research a case and determine what adaptations the patient may need

Write a report regarding spinal cord injuries and adaptations needed due to these injuries

Core Objectives – Critical thinking skills, Written Communication


Your team will receive a case study of a patient with a spinal cord injury, including a completed ASIA (American Spinal Injury Association) Spinal Cord Injury form.

Using the information in the form and the case study, your job is to:

  • Determine the neurological level of the injury
  • Determine what adaptive devices and equipment the patient may need for activities of daily living, including:
    • Moving around (walking, wheelchair, etc.)
    • Dressing and undressing


Information about Spinal Cord Injuries

Information about Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive Equipment Suppliers

Hint: Click on the “Daily Living Aids” and “Mobility Aids” links.