Search Engine Assignment

Search Engine Assignment

Search Engine Assignment.

This assignment has two parts that should in total be 2 -3 pages. (More is fine if you run over. It can be double spaced but use 12pt font – Times New Roman, or something similar)

Part 1: Explain briefly how search engines work (in general).

Part 2: Find 1 research article related to search engine technology and summarize. (It could also be an article related to agents and search engines or text retrieval). The research article should be from a research conference or journal.

Stick to credible sources (and be sure to cite them in APA style). You may come across lots of mathematical formulas regarding how to rank search results, but no need to explain all of this in part 1 (unless you want).
Keep in mind that extra spaces, headings, title pages, diagrams and long citations will not count toward your page length requirement.

find in the attachment the powerpoint slide to help you have an idea of what is the content about