Self Contained Organizational Designs & Horizontal Organization Design Paper

Even the strongest of organizations that have an open and productive culture based in executive engagement, creation of buy-in, and empowerment need the right organizational design and structure. These designs and structures should allow for forward thinking, creativity, and innovation. Teams are the spine of an organization’s structure and processes. Successful teams will reduce response times, support and facilitate the organization’s strengths, decrease the impact of the entity’s weaknesses, turn threats into opportunities, and opportunities into productive strategies. Making the right decisions at the right time and with the appropriate strategies are all important factors when evaluating designs and structures.

Review the provided PDF: “What is the Right Organization Design” (Anand & Daft, 2007)

Through research from academic and scholarly resources, determine, analyze and evaluate the following elements:

  • Evaluate Self-Contained Organizational Designs.
  • Apply the three self-contained organizational designs (functional, divisional, and matrix) to your organization (or a former organization).
  • Analyze the horizontal organization design with a team and process-based emphasis and the relationship this design creates with customers and suppliers.

The paper should contain the following APA formatted elements:

  1. Title Page
  2. Abstract
  3. Body of the essay
  4. Conclusion
  5. References Section (At least 3)