Señor Sisig Hungry for Growth in Food Truck Industry Case Strategy Analysis

Señor Sisig Hungry for Growth in Food Truck Industry Case Strategy Analysis

You will be required to prepare written analyses of the Señor Sisig cases.No outside research on this company or its industry should be conducted as part of this assignment.Information taken from the case should be undertaken with enough interpretation & evaluation to develop a comprehensive analysis.

Outstanding papers will include the following characteristics:

1. exceptional coverage of case questions 2. clearly demonstrated logic and rationale, 3. discussion supported by appropriate analytical, self-developed, exhibits, 4. arguments that utilized quantitative analysis to support conclusions, 5. demonstrated understanding and appropriate application of strategic business frameworks & concepts, 6. clearly delineated decision criteria, 7. recommendations logically extrapolated from findings and 8. remarkably well organized and written.

Each of these written reports should be a maximum of 1800 words in length (use Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins) plus analytical exhibits.Note that analytical exhibits refer to support materials that you prepare (not exhibits from the case).

Exhibits should be numbered and titled.Exhibits should be referred to in numerical order. Exhibits should not be generic in nature.Please place your name and word count of the text portion in the upper left on the first page (no other cover page should be used).Writing mechanics and structure are expected to be at a high level. (Hints: Business writing tends toward short, precise sentences.Paragraphs are highly focused.)You should use a grammar and spell checker.This case analysis is worth 20% of your grade.Papers must be submitted on TurnItIn prior to class.Assignments noted as received after the beginning of class will be penalized.You should not attend class on the due date if you have not already submitted the assignment. Please have a paper or electronic copy available, if needed, for class discussion.There should be no collaboration or discussion of this assignment prior to class (other than that facilitated by the Professor).Further, be sure that your colleagues have completed these assignments before discussing the material with them.

CASE ATTACHED. Please add decision matrix, financial statements, and exhibits that show what strategies you took into consideration.