Sex education

Discussion #4: Comprehensive Sex Education

Comprehensive Sex Education – One of the most heated debates among family professionals is whether or not to provide comprehensive sex education (birth control, condoms, methods, etc.) or Abstinence Only education. You must convince each other of your position. You will argue FOR comprehensive sex education. Begin by making an initial post based on your side of the argument that should be about 1/3 page in length with some references and cover the topic in some depth. Then respond to the posts of your discussion group members.

*Responses need to be made to at least 3 other student’s post with a meaningful contribution.

*”Good post” or “I agree” is not a meaningful contribution. Be sure to respect your fellow students’ views.

*When you respond to your peers, respond as if you’re speaking directly to them. 2 to 3 lines for each respond will be enough.

*Send me the work first to give you their responses to response back to them please.

Do your best to deal with you on the next tasks and recommend you to my friends.

Thanks a lot