Sexuality and The Adult Years Assignment

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Each response will be graded for grammar, format, and the accuracy of the answer, so be sure to take your time and proof read. Also, be sure to address each part of the question.  Format: Each response should be typed with the following format: 1 inch margins, single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman. Your name should be in the upper right corner (and nothing else), and you should write the title of your response as the chapter the question coincides with. Your grade will be reduced if these guidelines are not followed. See example below.  Each response should be no less than ½ page with the above format, but no more than 1 page. Keep in mind that it’s the quality of your response, not quantity, which counts

It likely comes as no surprise to you that many people feel marriage isn’t held in high regard anymore in our culture. Often times, individuals who feel this way will site “increasing divorce rates” as evidence that something is amiss. Even popular social critics can be found making such generalizations. However, you know divorce rates have stayed stable since the 1970s, indicating that nothing has went amiss in our culture for the last 40 years. Now let’s assume you have been called by a local radio station to provide input on what originally led to the current divorce rate. What would you say and how would you explain that the increase in rates is a common misconception. What evidence would you offer about current divorce rates?