Should College Athletes Be Paid for Being on A Sports Team Persuasive Speech

Should College Athletes Be Paid for Being on A Sports Team Persuasive Speech


TOPIC: Should college athletes be paid for being on a sports team?

This has always been a topic that I have always posed to different people because as I see it, I think it is unfair how college athletes put so much effort and time for sports that earn the colleges money and yet they do not get paid. I choose this topic because I want my audience to put themselves in the shoes of each athlete. How would they feel if it was them working hard with no pay?

Being a college student-athlete is a full-time job, bouncing between the weight room, the court/field, classes, and film sessions. College athletics are extra curricular activities, but the schedules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) tournaments require an extended period in which the student-athletes must miss school. Not only do they miss class, but they are absent for nationally televised games that make a lot of money and receive millions of viewers. Since student-athletes also bring in revenue for their team and college or university, especially in the championship games, I think they deserve to be paid and hope my speech persuades you to view it as I view it.

Week 8 Assignment: Persuasive Speech Outline

A preparation outline is required for your persuasive speech. Refer to chapter 11 in The Art of Public Speaking for an example and a complete description on the use and development of a preparation outline.

  • Your typed, complete preparation outline should:
    • Include your topic, general purpose statement, specific purpose statement, and central ideas statement.
    • Demonstrate the logical structure and organization of your speech.
    • Be broken down into the three main sections of your speech: introduction, body, and conclusion.
    • Indicate how you plan to transition from one section to the next. You must include a complete bibliography with your outline.
  • Please refer to pp. 260–262 of the textbook for a good sample preparation outline. You should use this example as a template when creating and submitting your own outline.

For the overall structure, be sure to incorporate the following:

  • A clear and logical organizational pattern throughout
  • Effective, smooth transition sentences between sections
  • The introduction should include:
    • A creative and effective “attention-getter” or hook
    • A statement relating the topic to yourself and your audience
    • The overarching idea of your speech and a preview of your main points
  • The body of the speech should be broken into logical main points that support the overall theme, topic, and purpose. This speech should effectively persuade your audience to follow a certain opinion or action. Use your evidence wisely (examples, statistics, testimony, and stories), cite all sources, and utilize vivid language
  • Be sure to review and highlight the main points in your conclusion