Singers book Ethics of What We Eat Discussion ?Principles Writing Paper

In roughly 2 pages, please apply your principles from the discussion in this week to Singer’s book Ethics of What We Eat. You already read this chapter in week 4 so you will just need to review it again. When you are applying your discussion principles, you do not need to cover every industry in Singer’s book; however, you may need to do more than one section to best demonstrate your principles. Since you will be receiving feedback from your classmates on your principles in the discussion, you are able to modify your list during this phase

Please include a concise introduction and conclusion. In the body, dedicate one paragraph per principle where you briefly introduce it and then apply the principle to an example from Ethics of What We Eat. At the end or in the conclusion you can evaluate how effective you believe this normative theory to be.

Readings –

  1. Textbook Chapter 10, 228-247
  2. Death of Nature, 29-41
  3. Sand County Almanac, 137-141, 188-202
  4. Myth, Symbol, and Colonial Encounter, 27-45