SOC3400 Ethical Issues in Study of Deviant Behavior Criminology Questions

Instructions: Please review and respond to the following questions. Make sure responses are substantive in nature and meet the required word count (Must add up to at least 500 words). There should be at least one reference per question.

  • 1)A criminologist may use the analytical tool of link analysis. What is link analysis and how is it utilized? (50 to 100 words response)
  • 2)What is institutional anomie theory? Does this theory seem plausible? (100 to 150 words response)
  • 3)What is deviant place theory? Does this theory seem plausible? (100 to 150-word response)
  • 4)In the context of criminology, what is event charting? How is it used by a criminologist? (50 to 100 words response)
  • 5)What is deductive logic? How might a criminologist engage in deductive logic in their work? (100 to 150 words response)
  • 6)How is criminology helpful to law enforcement? Provide specific examples of when criminology theory has assisted law enforcement? (100 to 150 words response).