Social issues in the lives of the population

**** to writer: I will attach the Before and Aftercare care program handbook for additional information. I volunteered for 10 hours during a 1 week period at this program. During my time there I played with, cared for children, and assisted with homework help after care. Feel free to improvise and include any information that is not found in the handbook or contact me should you have any additional questions.

The school is located in Miami, Florida in the USA


Community Experience Report

Paper is to be typewritten, double spaced, and written using American Psychological Association (APA) manual guidelines. Content must include the following:

1. Name of the organization: Somerset Academy Kendall Before and After Care Program

2. Purpose of the organization: to provide a positive, educational, and fun-filled environment where students can team up to succeed.

3. Population served (type of and disease(s) served) youth of all ages enrolled at Somerset Academy Kendall (pre-k through 5th grade)

4. Geographical/environmental issues (describe the facility, physical layout, accessibility, transportation issues if any) 2 story white building, centrally located and convenient access to main roads and highways, handicap accessibility,

5. Professional services available in this setting

6. Social issues in the lives of the population

7. How does the organization communicate internally and with the larger community?