Social Norms

In your discussion board you will wrote a short assignment that assessed

your understanding of the topic of social norms. You were asked to

address the following question by using an example: “Why do you think

this particular theory of social norms fits your example?” Now that you

have received feedback, you will need to reflect on your assignment. For

the second part of this assignment you will need to revise your board

and build it into a 3-page paper analyzing the role of social norms. The

final draft of this paper will require the following elements: 1)a

description of social norms and a thorough definition of the theory you

chose, 2) a detailed example and application of the theory to your

example, 3) an analysis of what information is missing from our

understanding of social norms (particularly those that dictate when

people help and when they do not), 4) justification from the text to

hypothesize about why one theory fits or doesn’t fit your example, and

5) a description of possible questions that remain. This second

iteration of the assignment is intended to develop your problem solving

skills and your ability to evaluate the usefulness of social theories.

Papers must be 3 pages in length, double spaced.

Here is my discussion post:

This board will serve as the pre-activity for you to partake in a short

assignment that assesses your understanding of the topic of social

norms. In your response for this week please describe a time when you

have personally helped someone or a time when you were helped.

Additionally, analyze this occurrence from either the

social-responsibility norm or reciprocity norm models (discussed on

pages 382-384 of the text.) Please address the following question in

their response: “Why do you think this particular theory of social norms

fits your example?” Please be as detailed as possible in this post as

you will have the opportunity to strengthen your mastery in this area

through discussion with myself and our TAs. You will use this post and

the feedback you receive to revise your ideas before you expand and add

new sources of information for your final paper (assignment 2) that is

due in a few weeks.

The social responsibility norm describes a concept in which some individuals have a moral motivation to help and assist others without expecting anything in return, while the reciprocity norm is a concept in which individuals help or assist others while expecting something in return for their help.

A couple of years ago when I was a sophomore in high school, there were an influx of Palestinian refugees in Gaza who had nowhere to go, as they were all bombed from their homes. My best friend and I were living in Kuwait, and decided to throw a small charity event where we accepted old clothing, shoes, toys, and even sold some of our precious items to help the children regugees. I gave away around eight trash bags of my old items, and I encouraged many of my friends from school to do the same. In the end, we raised around $3,000 in one night, and multiple bags of clothes, shoes, and toys that we donated to the refugee children in Palestine.

This is an example of the social responsibility norm, as my friend and I didn’t do it as a favor expecting something in return, but we did it out of our morals and the need to help people who need it the most. I didn’t expect anything in return, but I ended up getting peace in my heart knowing I helped children build a new life, and confidence knowing I ran a successful event that educted others in my community about the struggles these people were going through, and that our help really does make a difference.