Assignment: Scholar Practitioner Project Assignment: Models of Addiction and Treatment

For this Assignment, you will explore the four models most commonly used in the treatment of addiction. You will select the most appropriate model to use and apply in your SPP.  As a helping professional, it will be important for you to be familiar with these four models and prepared to work within their frameworks.

You will submit your selected models of addiction and treatment for your Scholar Practitioner Project (SPP). Refer to the “Instructions for Scholar Practitioner Project (SPP) Case Study” (attached) document.


In a 2- to 4-page APA-formatted paper:

Submit the models of addiction and treatment that you selected for your Scholar Practitioner Project (SPP) Case Study as it applies to the case of Marge (attached). Include the following information:

  •   Selected model of addiction
  •   Potential strengths and limitations of this model of addiction
  •   Selected model of treatment
  •   Potential strengths and limitations of this model of treatment
  •   Provide a rationale for each of your selections
  • Provide a summary of any potential dilemmas you might encounter working with the model selected

References (use at least 2 or more)

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