Solution to Housing Market Final Research Paper

Solution to Housing Market Final Research Paper

You are more than welcome to to choose from any of these prompts

NOTE: You MUST choose one of these. No other topics will be accepted or read.

OPTION 1: Argue whether Congress should hold impeachment proceedings based on the Mueller report.

OPTION 2: Argue a specific point of view regarding the growing prison population and what (if anything) should be done about it. This topic MUST be narrowed. Examples of ways to focus this: racist sentencing, drug prosecutions, prison privatization, arbitrary power of District Attorneys.

OPTION 3: Argue how the Black Lives Matter movement has affected discussions and views about racism in the US. Has it changed anything?

OPTION 4: Argue what, if anything, should be done about the continuing rise in the local rent and housing market.(local being San Diego, California)

OPTION 5: Argue whether there should be loan forgiveness for people who earn less than 80k a year. (Elizabeth Warren is using this as part of her platform for presidency.)


(8 pages means the text hits the very bottom of page 8, with 1-inch margins)

The paper must be followed by a Works Cited page in MLA format. This does NOT count toward the 8-page minimum.

DIRECTIONS: Please underline your thesis statement. Put each topic sentence in bold. (A topic sentence is the main idea of each paragraph, that supports the larger thesis.)