Solutions to Housing Crisis Film Critique

Using the question associated with the film as a guide to complete the assignment. This should not be a simple film review, instead, should write about our own opinions on the question. Should be 450 to 550 words. I will give u an amazon prime account for the film.

Question: The United States is currently undergoing an affordable housing crisis. California has the highest home and rent prices in the country, at the same time homelessness is skyrocketing for all demographics. What are the potential solutions for this housing crisis? Is becoming more flexible with regulations (e.g., accessory dwelling unit (ADU)/granny flat legislation passed by voters in 2017) the solutions? Why or why not? If not, what else can we do?

Plz, keep in mind. Do not just simply answer the question in the end of the essay. The question should be referred all over the essay.

Here is the required reading below.