Students Academic Success and Healthy Lifestyle Evidence Based Interventions Paper

Each group will choose a need/problem presented by students in schools PreK-12 and prepare a practice paper that demonstrate the application of school social work services to assess and provide evidence based interventions from an ecological multilevel approach. The group will examine the topic using critical thinking skills and consider all aspects of the issue.

This is the need/problem presented by students in school PreK-12 that we picked: Link between a student’s academic success and healthy lifestyle choices: food, medical care, exercise, and mental wellness.

The practice paper will include the following elements:

1. 3-4 APA formatted double space paper with the use of APA references. This does not include Bibliography.

2. A description of the student need/problem including scope and severity and impact on student achievement

3. Inclusion of at least three current and relevant research articles on the topic

4. A description of an assessment method to assist in identifying need and focus of intervention

5. A description of the evidence based interventions and implementation

6. A summary of decision making process for selected level and focus of attention

7. A description of an evaluation method selected to measure effectiveness of intervention

8. A description of who and how the outcome of the intervention will be reported and why?