Tarrant County College Socrates Nature of Virtue & Nature of Knowledge Paper

For your paper, you are to write an essay about one of the following dialogues:

1) Meno: in this dialogue Socrates discusses the nature of virtue and whether it is possible to teach someone else to be virtuous.

2) Theatetus: in this dialogue Socrates discusses the nature of knowledge. At the end, he announces that he has to go to court for his trial.

3) Euthyphro: In this dialogue, Socrates discusses the nature of piety as he waits outside the courthouse for his trial to begin.

Your essay should divide into two parts:

1) In the first part you should provide a summary of the text. Set the scene, then give a brief explanation of each argument.

2) In the second part, answer the following two questions:
a) What is the main point? What is Socrates most concerned to try to prove to us?
b) Does he succeed in proving it? Why or why not? (If you think he didn’t, explain where he fell short and why. If you think he did, imagine why someone else might think he failed and explain why you disagree.)

Length, Format, & Citations
Each part should be 2-3 pages long for a total length of 4-6 pages. It should be in Times New Roman font, 12 point double spaced. When you quote something, please cite your sources using the Chicago Manual of Style (click here for an online guide).