Teaching Children With Specific Disabilities Etiology Brochure Help

Etiology Brochure (Please read this assignment must be a 6 panel trifold brochure)

Create a research-based brochure that serves as an informational resource for parents and teachers on the disability of your teams choosing. Please include how this disability fits into an IDEA category, any physical and intellectual markers which may be present, Special Education and related services which might be utilized by an individual with this particular disability, accommodations and modifications to the classroom or living environment an individual with this disability may require and finally local, state and national resources for parents and families with children with disabilities. Also use some pictures to show.

There should be six panels on the brochure (i.e., a trifold). Use wisely all the panels and include a solid balance between text and graphics. Three (3) references must be included on this brochure.