The concept of race has been treated as both a biological

Module 2: Module 2 – M2 Assignment 1 Discussion Assignment 1: Biological TheoryThe concept of race has been treated as both a biological and a social construct in criminological theory.In research, it is a commonly used demographic variable. As you read through research articles, you willfind many where race is used as one indication of a relationship.Use the Argosy University online library resources to research and review peer-reviewed articles for thetheoretical problems (issues) that have been raised with regard to identifying and measuring theimplications of biology for crime.As you read these articles, examine how biological concepts are identified and explored. Then, applythese concepts to a discussion on the role of biological theory in criminal justice policy making. For thisdiscussion thread, you will focus specifically on the role of race in a biological explanation for crime.Submission Details:By Week 2, Day 3, in 250 to 500 words, post to the Discussion Area a discussion on how criminal justicepolicies and practices are affected by biological explanations for criminal behavior.Note: Include a reference page formatted in APA style that links back to your in-text citations and supportsyour recommendations.By Week 2, Day 7, read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts and engage in substantivedialogue. As you engage your classmates in discussion, you should read their posts and consider howyou can add to their contributions. Indicate if you read something that substantiates what they wrote oryou find conflicting evidence.