The Dark History of California Missions Article by Malihe Razazan Paper

This extra credit assignment will require you visiting San Diego’s mission church, and listening to a podcast (link will be attached). You could go to another mission if you would like (San Juan Capistrano, Oceanside, etc). The missions throughout California provide an excellent opportunity to see first hand, some of the important themes and architecture relevant to American, Latin American,and California history. There is a museum exhibition in each compound with some excellent artifacts, in addition to other parts of the mission that are historically rich. Do you find any of these works/exhibitions particularly interesting? Why, or why not? What did you learn about mission history, California history, colonial history, and American history. How does what you learned, and information you gather from the mission visit contrast with the Cross of Thorns podcast (found under Pages àExtra Credit). That means you have to give that podcast a thorough and full listen J I hope you enjoy yourself at the mission, learning its history and taking the time to think about the period in which some of these complexes were created. Think of the central motives as to why they were built up the California coast, and the rest of Alta California. Do any of the events discussed either at the mission or in the podcast question your assumption of what you thought mission history was all about?

Please submit a 650-700 word write-up (12 font/double spaced) based on your visit to the mission and the audio recording. Do not hesitate to include your own perspective/opinions on what you see, as well as what you hear. I would recommend listening to the audio before your visit. What historical information could we gather from these works of art/architecture. Does the mission tell us anything about California history, or give us insight into a much bigger history. Please include specific information pertaining to what is on view. Please share a pic/selfie confirming you were there. Make it a good one –

This deadline for this extra credit assignment is May 12(By 8:00PM). You could submit it sooner if you would like. You will be able to submit the assignment via Canvas, under Assignments. It is not a shared document and others will not be able to see your work-