The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring Movie Review

The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring Movie Review

You will write a short paper about those 5 movies:

1-The Lord of the Rings film trilogy
2- Aladdin (1992 Disney film)
3- My Name Is Khan (2010 Indian drama film)

Relational development: An analysis of diversity.
You will select, watch, and analyze a film of your liking. I strongly encourage you to select a movie that depicts relationships (friends, families, colleagues, etc.) that highlight inter-sectional issues of race, class, religion, sexuality and other aspects of identity. The goal is to help you better grasp the complexities in understanding culture, language, and identity. The purpose of this assignment is to begin to connect specific concepts from the text to relational communication events that occur in real life and depicted in the film, and showcase diversity and its tensions. There are three steps to this writing assignment:

1.1. Watch the movie

1.2. During the movie, take notes on a relationship between the main protagonists. Consider the following questions: Who are the main characters? How did the relationship between main characters change throughout the film? * How did it progress and/or regress? * What specific scenes, comments, and/or interpersonal interactions illustrate the changes this relationship endured? * What role did specific issues of cultural diversity play in this?

1.3. In three to four pages, write an analysis paper that explores and explains this onscreen relationship. You may use concepts about Interpersonal Communication as relevant, but the breadth of your paper should focus on the media text and your interpretation of relational communication in relation to the film. Use specific quotes and examples from the film to support your claims. Use clear headings where appropriate.